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"If you’re thinking about hiring Sharon to help you with your copywriting, do it. She will not disappoint. She will create you a phenomenal piece of work.

She’s helped me and she’s over-delivered on every copy she’s written."

Arfan Husain, Grow, Automate, Scale Digital Marketing Agency

Writing your copy without a solid flight plan and air traffic controller means you’re more likely to end up grounded than soaring.

If you’ve ever...

  • Freaked out because it’s 11 pm and you haven’t sent that weekly email to your list yet

  • Set a date for your launch but didn’t block off time to do the market research, strategize the copy, and get it all written, and then tried to just wing it all

  • Really wanted your website to book new clients but weren’t sure what to say or how to say it to create desire and demand for your offer so you just didn’t say anything at all

Imagine when you... 

  • Looked down at your phone and see replies to the pre-scheduled email that you didn’t even remember setting up

  • Went out on a date with your spouse, celebrated with your kids, binged on Netflix, or even went to the spa DURING YOUR LAUNCH because everything was all set up beforehand so you can relax and watch the sales come in 

  • Work with amazing clients who BOOK with you because it feels like you are in their head and they KNOW you can help them 


Save yourself time, stress, and sanity by hiring the right CONVERSION copywriter.

When you’re ready to launch your next course, program, or offer but don’t have time to study copywriting, do the research, write all of the copy...and you don’t want to panic because you forget to include a critical element on the sales page, or scramble at the last minute to add a bonus or write another email, I can take this OFF YOUR PLATE!

I’m ready to get my Fantastic Flight Plan started

Oh Hey There!

I’m Sharon R and online business owner turned full-time professional conversion copywriter. 

If you’re looking for someone who can handle chaos and logistics like a ninja...I have 3 teenage and young adult daughters so you know I’ve been managing all that (on top of the hormones) for years!

If you’re looking for a long-term relationship...I’ve been married for 28 years and have retainer clients who have been with me since I stepped onto the ladder of conversion copywriting.

Or if you’re looking for support for a one-time copy project...Yep, I do that too. There’s plenty of one-and-done projects in my portfolio and I know how jump in and get things done. 

I love coffee and I get a morning kickstart of caffeine and exercise so that I can serve my clients at the highest levels for the rest of the day.

(Find out more about me here)

I’m obsessed with geeky space movies and helping big-hearted entrepreneurs get to the destination of their dreams by making the income and impact they desire with words that sell.

"Best Investment Ever"

"II didn’t think I could afford to spend the money to hire Sharon to write my Nurture and Welcome Sequence. I see now I couldn’t afford NOT to. She produced something far more effective than I could have and it is DONE and working for me instead continuing to be something on my to-do list waiting for my attention."

Laura Naiser, Mindset Coach for Christian Entrpreneurs  


What can you expect when we work together?


Here’s the typical process clients walk through to get started:

  1. You book a discovery call. We’ll discuss where you’re at in your business, what copy is slowing you down or tripping you up, and where you want to go next. If it’s a good fit for both of us, we move to Step 2. If not, I’ll give you some resources that may be a better option for you at this time.

  2. You book a “Fantastic Flight Plan” Session and fill out a detailed questionnaire in the agreed-upon timeframe.

  3. We hop on a Zoom call to strategize your next steps and give you a clear plan of action to get you from here to the destination you’ve selected.

  4. You get a clear, detailed report outlining the next steps and giving you a specific, step-by-step process to move forward and details about what it would look like to work with me further or run with it yourself.

Sound good? Click here to get started.


Whether you’re looking to fly across the country or head directly to the moon (or to Mars!), having the right flight plan can make your launch and marketing so much easier.

Sounds like you’re ready to get started so in the words of Wang Chung, “Let’s Go!” Find out how we can work together right here.

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