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I believe the rights words are the most powerful way you can communicate fearlessly to your dream audience.

Hello, Determined One!
I'm Sharon R Page.

I help successful business owners create copy to connect and convert so that they can make a bigger impact and more sales.

Do you wish you could connect more deeply with your audience but are too busy running your business to spend time on developing your marketing materials?

Do you wait until the last minute to write your weekly emails because you just don't have time or you don't know what to say? Are you getting clients booking through your website or is it just a placeholder on the internet for your business?ย 

Do you want to make a big impact but the copy (your written and spoken words that sell) is the last thing you want to work on?

Do you struggle with spending HOURS writing an email and then hesitate to hit send because you just arenโ€™t sure if you said it the way you really wanted to?

There's a better way!

How would it feel to wake up Monday morning and know that you have a weekly email ready to send? One that connects with your dream audience, delivers value to them, and has a Call to Action that inspires them to respond?

And to know that your sales page is converting readers to buyers...and those on your list are moving closer and closer to becoming buyers with every email?


I made a BIG change...and now you can too!

When I started my journey to having an online business, I didn’t know what to say or when to do say it. 

As I grew my business, I discovered that so many people struggled with writing their copy (my online mentor, Ray Edwards, defines copy as “words that sell”). 

So many people find it difficult, challenging, frustrating, and overwhelming to craft their copy and prepare it for their audience. When my biz-bestie said that she was writing her emails at midnight and struggling to get them done, I offered to take them off her plate. The relief she experienced inspired me to write copy for others. 

Because if you don’t communicate your message, your audience won’t get the transformation they need to achieve what they want.

As a writer, I’ve always been fascinated by the power of words… communicate an idea express a feeling change someone’s perspective...

...and it thrills me when a client says, “and you even sounded like me!”

It’s a little like writing a fiction story and putting myself in the place of a character in the story. I get to be a character in a business communicating to the one person who needs to hear the message!

It’s a far cry when the sappy, sentimental poems I wrote in junior high, the fan fiction I wrote in high school, and the essays on life I wrote in college. And it’s not closely related to the policies and procedures I wrote for over 20 years in the HR profession...although those were sometimes focused on meeting the needs of the reader and inspiring them to take action. 

My biz-bestie reported that she had 5 people respond to a recent email asking about their biggest struggle in her niche. Now she’s preparing a series of Facebook Lives to answer those struggles, emailing them individually about the Live (after it’s published), so she can connect more deeply with them. 

Another client said that she was thrilled to move her podcast episodes from the “in the can” stack to ready to send when she contracted with me to write the show notes and prepare an email for each episode for her audience. Episodes had been languishing in cyberspace because she just didn’t want to sit down and do the writing for them.

I love being part of each client’s world and seeing the results their clients/customers are getting.

The Lord said, "Surely I will deliver you for a good purpose."

Jeremiah 15:11

Why pick me when there are hundreds of other choices?

I’ve spent the last several years learning about the online business world and marketing models. I’ve studied under Ray Edwards’s endorsed copywriter, Sara Anna Powers. I'm one of her Certified Clickworthy Copywriters.
And I’ve spent over a thousand hours learning about the craft of copywriting, practicing it, developing my skills, and serving clients.

When your message connects more deeply with your dream audience they get the results you deliver!
When you succeed, I succeed.
Your copy should be authentically you, speaking to your dream client, and causing them to take action. 

Certified Copywriter, 2021

Use the POWER of your words...

Create copy to connect and convert so that you can make a bigger impact and more sales.


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