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Dandelion Wishes

Aug 04, 2020

Dandelion Wishes


Do you remember being a kid and making a wish and blowing on a dandelion?

Seeing how many breaths it took to blow the entire puffball into the air?

Some days it feels as though my thoughts are like that. A thousand different ideas, tasks, dreams, prayers, and distractions, all float through my mind while I’m trying to focus on my devotional time or work projects. 

The loud hum and bump of a ceiling fan in need of balancing intrudes on my thoughts.

Then, zing, they fly to what needs to get done today. 

No sooner have they wondered what may be on the calendar then they are galloping off to thinking about the grocery list. 

I pull them back to the task at hand. Again. And again.

Some mornings it feels nearly impossible to keep them contained and focused on my Bible reading, devotional, and prayer time. Likewise, later in the day, I may struggle to stay focused on a work project. 

1 Peter 5:7 tells us to “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” Sometimes it is anxiety that creates my scattered thoughts. I’m worried about what I may be missing. What I’m not getting done that I should be doing. Or I’m worried about putting myself out there and getting judgement for what I’m doing and who I’m becoming. Those times, this verse is key to getting refocused. Recognizing that it is anxiety or worry that is creating my procrastination or disorganization is the first step to stopping it. Then I can pray about it and relax.

Other times, my scattered thoughts are because I’m out of practice of working on a singular task/project. I’ve become accustomed to jumping from one thing to another. To give up when things are difficult and just go work on something else. The verse that helps me re-gather my thoughts in this case is Colossians 3:17, “And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” When I take the time to remember that I am working for the Lord in all I do, it helps to redirect my energy and focus to the ONE thing.

Daily practice of being focused throughout the day has helped me grow in the area of my life. I also found having a blank piece of paper with my morning quiet time is critical. Then I can quickly jot down a note about an idea or question or to-do item that pops into my head while reading, writing, or praying. I’m not distracted by my phone or calendar or anything else. I’ve tried different things - having my calendar nearby or my planner - but a blank piece of paper has been most successful for me to not be distracted.

And simple routines like setting out my Bible, devotional, that blank piece of paper, and my pen before I go to bed so it’s all ready for me in the morning has helped me develop a consistent habit. That habit has helped me practice the discipline of being focused and staying focused. 

During the workday, I find that setting a timer and working in dedicated spurts of time have been most successful at keeping me focused. I also like having Bible verses around where I’m working to have visible reminders that I work for God and to his glory and that he created me to make an impact. Keeping my attention focused on the job at hand is what allows me to make that impact. 

And, if it’s a big project, blocking off time to evaluate it to identify what the individual steps are to complete it. Then blocking time off to complete each step. With a quick break between steps, if necessary, to refresh my brain. 

And that refreshment time? Typically includes a glass of water and a walk around the backyard. And, if I happen to see a dandelion out there, I may just pick it up and blow the puffball away. As the seeds dance away, I’ll probably spend a moment thanking God for the reminder. 





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