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What's your perfect day look like?

Feb 03, 2021

What's your perfect day look like?


A couple of years ago, while sitting in a rather boring session at an HR Conference, I began sketching out what I wanted my ideal workweek to look like. I wanted to write content on Mondays. I wanted to have meetings scheduled on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday afternoons. Then on Thursday mornings and all day on Fridays I wanted to work on fulfilling the work that came out of the meetings from the week.

The HR professional (and friend) that I was sitting next to couldn’t conceive of even thinking about an ideal week. She laughed and said it would never happen.

Last year, as I made a BIG change in my business and moved into copywriting for online entrepreneurs, I re-sketched out my ideal week. It’s changed somewhat but the bones are still the same. 

I work with clients primarily on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays...mostly in the afternoons only. My early mornings are my focused, creative time to write when the house is quiet. Later in the day, I work on editing, other writing that doesn’t need as much focus, etc. I work on my own content and marketing virtually all day on Mondays and on Fridays I work on personal/professional development and going through the courses that I’ve invested in to become a master copywriter. And the weekends? They’re free for me to spend with my family! 

Not one of my mentors says, “Rigid flexibility” is what we live with. 

If my family has something going on or a client has a specific reason for needing a different day of the week, I modify the schedule. In fact, I recently connected with a prospective client on Saturday for a quick intro call. But, overall, this ideal week concept gives me the opportunity to serve my clients at the highest level. 

I’m not worried about marketing when I’m meeting with clients. I already have it done. 

I’m not stressing out about needing to write a blog post. I have time blocked out on my calendar to make sure it happens. 

I think of a new idea for my business. I make a note in my calendar and it gets worked on when I schedule it. 

Oooh, la la!

Working this way feels amazing. It’s effective (one of my 2021 business words of the year!), efficient (I’m not switching gears every time I get a ping, ring, or ding!), and it gives me the freedom and flexibility to turn off the laptop and the phone and unplug. 

Does that sound amazing to you? When writing your copy is one of the things that is keeping you stuck, book a discovery call here and let’s chat about how I can support you in getting that done.


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