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Creating Milestones

Jul 07, 2020

Creating Milestones


This necklace has become one of my favorite pieces to wear. It was a gift from my business mentor and reminds me that I am called to Magnify God in all I do. 

When God’s chosen people were traveling to new places in the Old Testament, we read over and over again that they set up an altar, a rock or a pile of rocks as a remembrance of what God had done for them. 

I think sometimes when we read the OT, we may be guilty of thinking, “Oh those silly Israelites. How could they forget about God over and over again? God showed up for them here, and here, and here.” But, then, when we take an honest look at our own lives, we’re equally guilty of wandering away and forgetting about God. It is all too easy to allow the business of life to be all-consuming.

In Genesis 9:12-15, God himself sets up the rainbow as a covenant between him and all the living creatures on earth. He says when a rainbow appears, he will remember the covenant. But God doesn’t forget anything. So, the message must be for us - we need things to remind us. 

We need milestones.

We need tangible reminders that God has called us, that he is walking alongside us, that he has done great things for us, and that he has prepared good works for us to do. 

Even during this season of “slower than usual” I am recognizing that many people are still busy. It is still easy to get caught up in what needs to get done. I find that I, too, find myself getting busy and distracted. Wearing this necklace helps keep me focused on who God is and who God says that I am. This also helps me remember my big WHY in my business - that God has called me to make a big impact and to serve others in business. That is part of the good works that God is calling me to do.

I probably won’t ever build an altar in my backyard but there is a spot where I like to sit in the shade and pray, write, and read. When I’m there, I remember some of the insights and reminders that I’ve gotten there. 

That’s a great milestone for me. 

I’m trusting that you are creating your own milestones reminding you what God has done in your life. 





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