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Plugging into God's Power

Oct 01, 2020

Plugging into God's Power


Before my oldest went back to college (no snarky comments about how long we think that’ll last during this pandemic time), she and I did a Costco run to make sure she had plenty of snacks for her dorm room. We had just finished and were loading up the car when my phone rang. My husband had been sitting outside a convenience store making work phone calls and forgot to turn his lights off. 

His battery was dead.

We drove there and our daughter got a hands-on lesson on jumping car batteries. A valuable set of knowledge for any driver. And we were grateful that it was an easy stop for us and an easy fix for the car not starting.

Then, a few days later, I did my Write the Word journal and the verse didn’t really speak to me. Rather than continuing into the next page of “On my heart today” I decided to read the next day of Kim Avery’s The Prayer Powered Entrepreneur first. The topic of the day was Rely on God’s power. Kim tells a story about a dead battery and how we need to plug into God’s power in our business and in our life. 

The connections started firing off in my brain about how important that is and what a blessing it was that my daughter and I could easily jump-start my husband’s car. It was a joyful gift that we could give to him. I believe God feels the same way. He looks forward to blessing us with his power...all we need to do is connect with him. 

And connecting with God, like connecting with your audience, isn’t a one and done kind of thing. It is a daily touchpoint with deeper connections on a regular basis. For example, daily I read the Bible, journal, and pray. Weekly I do a deeper dive by attending corporate worship and getting teaching from the pulpit and then our small group reviews the sermon and goes deeper into the personal application mid-week. Plus, there’s retreats and other times during the year to dedicate time with God, in his word, with (or without) other believers. 


Business Application:

Connecting with your audience can be similar. There’s daily social media engagement, weekly (or more often) emails, blog posts, live videos. And then there’s an invitation to work more closely together. 

I have an affirmation that I’ve been saying for the past year: “I have God’s energy, power, and love living inside of me.” That affirmation helps me recognize my own limitations - whether they are frequent migraines, depression, exhaustion, or just general sinfulness of selfishness and laziness. It reminds me to plug into God’s power and depend on HIM for all my needs.

  • My desire for new clients - God can bring them.
  • My desire to give my current clients the best options, resources, coaching - God can power me and my mind to do that
  • My financial needs - God already knows what I need and has it ready (the whole earth is his and at his disposal)

I need to plug into God’s power to turn my business into the one he gave me the vision and desire for. 

Photo Credit: Photo by Daniel Jumpstarter Expert on Unsplash





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